First Post!

Created my GitHub repo for this blog, About page and Description are both written, linked to my Twitter. It’s now 10:54pm, so just a quick first post to start off the blog.

Finished video 2 of the course and watched the first half of video 3 this evening, then stopped the video when Jeremy talked about creating a blog and showed the tutorial post about how to set all this stuff up. Will resume the rest of the site setup and finish off the third video tomorrow, but so excited now!!

I should say, I am well under way with the re-write of my “Which NFL team does this player play for?” model using v2, and right now I am getting about 96.15% accuracy when validating against a set containing images of a range of players from 5 different teams (the only 5 currently covered in the training image set also).

So the plan this week is to add a simplistic GUI so that you, my dear reader, can upload your own images of NFL players and test the system out later on, then to learn how to use Binder to deploy the model so I can link to it here in a future blog post. Then, really, just to keep building out the dataset to include more teams and ensure my accuracy remains high, but I also want to restore some little bits I had in the old v1 attempt at this NFL players notebook, such as isolating the best parameters and only replacing them if the new epoch which just finished actually gave better results.